Buncha links – November 07 07

  • Damnatus cancelled:They took so much trouble over it, but the copyright system in Germany says that they can’t sign their rights to the company and also that if the company allows them to show the movie they lose power over their copyright, or something like that.
  • Retarded laws: Yeah, you’ve read a bunch of retarded laws. These are as amusing as any others you’ve read.
  • A DIY CPU [/.] :Pretty impressive. Though the first few comments are hackneyed jokes, the ones following are good. Also, the moderation on some of those comments is pretty funny by itself.
  • Mechanical Turk:No FF characters here, the site is touted as ‘Artificial Artifical Intelligence’, and is a decent idea if it weren’t for those few tasks that make it look like another PayPerPost thing. Of course they did look through hundreds of pictures searching for Steve Fossett. I can just imagine a SETI@Turk.
  • The DARPA Urban Challenge:Robotic SUVs racing. ‘Nuff said.

And since no post should be imageless:

. I forget where I saw that.

Extra crap:
Interesting /. comment.

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