How much would you pay for shipping?

Two 19ยข washers, The USA, The Department of Defence. One hell of a shipping bill.

Cheap washers - Shipping Bill

That’s No. 50 on Forbes’ 100 Dumbest Business Decisions. The list isn’t great, some of the items there are stupidly chosen but some are good. A curate’s egg, one might say.

My favourites:

  • No. 51: Apple sends a 9-year old a letter rebuking her for making suggestions on how to improve the iPod Nano in a previous letter to them.
  • No. 44: Bank of America branch evacuated after receiving a fax with a picture of a bomb on it. It was meant to have the text, “The Countdown Begins … Small Business Commitment Week June 4–8″
  • No. 21: The Boston bomb scare. They seem to claim this was a bad business decision for Cartoon Network. Au contraire, nearly everyone’s heard of ATHF and CN now.
  • No. 13: Fat people in Disneyworld not allowed on ride because the boat gets stuck to the bottom. Given food as compensation. Ha ha ha.

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