Boxing Day Disasters

There’s something about Boxing Day and disasters: In 2003, it was the Bam Earthquake; in 2004, it was the Indian Ocean Tsunami and; last year, it was the Hengchun quake in Taiwan. There’s fodder for those claiming some significance. I remember having to write something about the Second Coming of the Messiah a while ago, my essay was a work of art I tell you, a work of art.

I remember we were at the beach near Nikhil’s place in Thiruvanmiyur the day before the tsunami playing football. If it weren’t for the classes that they had that Sunday we might have gone there again. Funny. A moment of silence…

Tsunami hitting Marina Beach

One thought on “Boxing Day Disasters

  1. Yep, I always mentally hold my breath on Boxing Day too. “What’s going to happen this year?”

    In 1976, Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin, Australia on Christmas Day. I was remember Boxing Day being dominated by the footage of flattened buildings and scattered wrapping paper from presents not yet opened.

    In 1988, on Boxing Day, 6 sailors died in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race (aka Hell on High Water), 5 yachts were lost, another 66 retired from the race and 55 sailors were airlifted to safety (Wikipedia). While it doesn’t qualify as a disaster, it was a national and international tragedy and built on the dread I feel for Boxing Day.

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