Indus Creed – An Amazing Indian Rock Band

Indus Creed - Formerly Rock MachineI was just reading Chetan’s blog the other day when I came upon his old list of Indian Rock Music. So I went straight for a band that I’d heard a bit about a long long time ago, Indus Creed, and man was I blown away or what! These guys were so damn amazing, it’s no surprise that people are still talking about them years after the band broke up. I just know that some of their songs are going to be eternal favourites.

They’ve got the good old classic rock feeling going with most of their songs, with a very Indian touch in some with the percussion and flute. It’s not just the music that gets me with this band, it’s the insight and meaning in their lyrics:
Take “Die for your country” for instance, it speaks of war and how those who start it never end up actually fighting it and how the so-called leaders get men to join the army with the nationalistic slogans and mottos, calling for people to “die for their country”. Super. Rock ‘n’ Roll Renegade seems to be about how people claim that rock musicians in the country are spoiling “the Indian Way of Life”.

It’s a shame the band’s no longer around, they deserve to be real famous.

2 thoughts on “Indus Creed – An Amazing Indian Rock Band

  1. Awesome yeah? Marc got me started on the whole Indian Rock thing. One of the songs on the torrent he downlaoded was ‘Pretty Child’ which I thought was decent. I searched around and found the rest of their songs. Man, I was just blown away! Their music is just so pure, so natural. Great band.

    These guys reminds me of a two member band that disbanded too. Colourblind made a few decent songs before they broke up. I’d like to watch those guys live just to see how they go about their music.

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