Indus Creed – An Amazing Indian Rock Band

Indus Creed - Formerly Rock MachineI was just reading Chetan’s blog the other day when I came upon his old list of Indian Rock Music. So I went straight for a band that I’d heard a bit about a long long time ago, Indus Creed, and man was I blown away or what! These guys were so damn amazing, it’s no surprise that people are still talking about them years after the band broke up. I just know that some of their songs are going to be eternal favourites.

They’ve got the good old classic rock feeling going with most of their songs, with a very Indian touch in some with the percussion and flute. It’s not just the music that gets me with this band, it’s the insight and meaning in their lyrics:
Take “Die for your country” for instance, it speaks of war and how those who start it never end up actually fighting it and how the so-called leaders get men to join the army with the nationalistic slogans and mottos, calling for people to “die for their country”. Super. Rock ‘n’ Roll Renegade seems to be about how people claim that rock musicians in the country are spoiling “the Indian Way of Life”.

It’s a shame the band’s no longer around, they deserve to be real famous.

Controlling Winamp over the network.

AjaxAMP - ThumbnailI usually play music on my desktop speakers, even when I’m at my laptop because these speakers just plain suck and you can’t hear anything. In the beginning I used to just set the playlist and fire and forget, but you know how people use Windows systems, they all use one single user. Well, that’s what my family does too, so any changes to the current playlist affect everybody. Now what this means is that you have to pick your part of a giant playlist and play that. That’s hard to do when you’re not at the computer.

Now, one way of doing this is to use RDP and log in via Terminal Services and choose your music. If you use this, remember to use RDPv5 because it seems much faster than the previous version. However, even this, despite being a cross platform solution, isn’t great. There are better ways of doing this. So I looked around for the obvious solution, a web interface and not surprisingly there were lots of results.

There’s WAWI, which is a bit spartan looking; BrowseAmp, which has all sorts of features and user bandwidth limits and the sort, probably useful for a web radio; Winamp Remote Control, which was last updated seven years ago; and finally my favourite AjaxAMP which seems to have less features and options than BrowseAmp but which looks great and is just what I needed. It has its own media library and also allows streaming, if I ever feel like it though I doubt it. I liked it so much I donated some money.