25 thoughts on “Random Kitten Post

  1. Absolutely. Nothing to do with kittens can be criticized. Those who do are heretics. (notice the lack of megalomania)

    After all, as the wise Lord Grumblebunny once said, “God made kittens in his own image.”

    The rest of you shall all burn in hell. Have a nice day. :)

  2. I don’t remember him saying that, but it’s right anyway, and knowing how wise he is I wouldn’t doubt it.

    Kittens are above even The Code. You might argue that that’s unfair, but you know what they say, “Render unto the Cheshire, what is the Cheshire’s.”

  3. Excuse me, dear Gitanjali, as you speak of heretics I feel compelled to protest. Kitten-haters may in your eyes be unbelievers. But unbelievers as such may not be kitten-haters.

    The best example is me.
    Hail Odin!

  4. Very funny, Marc. That reminds me though, the kitten in the photo in the post? She likes waste paper baskets and her favourite pastime is putting her paws on the edge and trying to upset the basket. After that she’ll take some random piece of paper and run around with it.

    Isha: Do you or do you not acknowledge the greatness of The Kitten? I bet even Odin did.

  5. I just object to he way Miss Joshua (or should I say JOSEPH????) put it. As if being a heretic is .. bad.

    I don’t know if Odin was a cat lover, but I bet Freya was.

  6. Well… If she had any aversionn to them, she wouldn’t have let them pull the carriage, don’t you think? At least she considered the wild cats useful enough.

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  8. was looking nic pic when i was getting in to the link
    but cant see the kitten properly….. LOLzzzzzzzz….. try to take clear pic again for me LOLz…..

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