So I wish I’d insured my foot

My foot - bandagedSo it turns out that I twisted my foot while I was playing yesterday. The funny bit was that it didn’t hurt till I got home; I must have hurt myself again on the stairs because it hurt like nothing on Earth. I couldn’t even go to sleep. Now it’s in a gauze bandage and feels much better, so I can actually walk around for Christmas.

My dad’s a doc, so I hear stories about people who actually hurt themselves pretty bad; sometimes, they fall under trains, and lose their legs and shit. It’s some scary stuff, and they usually can’t do their job anymore because they’re disabled. Thank god I don’t have to worry about stuff like that.

13 thoughts on “So I wish I’d insured my foot

  1. Hopeless bugger, sneaking in paid reviews like that.

    Anyway so that’s why you were sleeping so early. I’ve torn a ligament on my left foot and damn it was painful. Took months to heal.

  2. Ha ha, I couldn’t help it.

    Ouch, that can hurt awful! For some reason my foot didn’t hurt until after I sat down to eat and then it hurt so bad I couldn’t sleep until the damn painkillers took effect.

  3. Good Lord, there seriously is something fishy going on with all you nuts hurting your feet and legs and what not. I hope that curse hits none of us girls. Sheesh.

    Get well soon, bunny *hug*

  4. Marc: Pipe’s gone to Dubai. That’s why he got away. Oh wait, no he didn’t! He dropped his bike on his toe and it turned all blue and he couldn’t move it.

    Isha: It’s only a matter of time before you’re afflicted now, it’s contagious. Thanks ^^

    Gitanjali: He’ll blame the dog. He’s always blaming dogs these days.

  5. Ohh Man u’ll get well Soon i got some injuries like Fracture in my index finger but now its ok … and wanna tell you sumthing that now i think you are taking part in olympic race bcz its a very old post you wud be fi9 now heheheehe :)

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