The Joker is Dead

Heath Ledger, the fellow who played The Joker in the latest Batman film has been found dead. Jesus that’s so sad, man. The inevitable facing-off-with-Batman jokes aside, it’s weird that people can die of an overdose of pills that were prescribed to them. I mean, is the normal dosage so close to the dangerous dose that it’s easy to kill yourself by taking too much? This explains that article I read a couple of days ago in some national medical journal about hundreds of thousands of people being admitted to hospital in the US because of incidents related to their being treated for something else in the first place. There was a reference to Israeli studies that showed that mortality rates dropped at a hospital during a doctor’s strike or something like that. Madness.

Ledger as The Joker

So I wish I’d insured my foot

My foot - bandagedSo it turns out that I twisted my foot while I was playing yesterday. The funny bit was that it didn’t hurt till I got home; I must have hurt myself again on the stairs because it hurt like nothing on Earth. I couldn’t even go to sleep. Now it’s in a gauze bandage and feels much better, so I can actually walk around for Christmas.

My dad’s a doc, so I hear stories about people who actually hurt themselves pretty bad; sometimes, they fall under trains, and lose their legs and shit. It’s some scary stuff, and they usually can’t do their job anymore because they’re disabled. Thank god I don’t have to worry about stuff like that.