College Starts Again

Yeah, so college starts again from tomorrow. And unless I’m wrong we have tests starting from Friday. That’s pretty bad because, having attended only two hours out of the 150-odd so far, I have no clue what we’re going to have a test on. There’s no way I’m going to be able to do this paper well. I’ll just have to count on the good old 2 out of 3 rule and make the other two tests count. Life’s heating up again, just like in the 12th, it’s time to apply to a college for a post-grad course, and I’m not sure where I’d like to join. Best give everything a shot, I suppose.

The thing is I’ve suddenly gotten into the scheduling habit, so I’ve got a lot of things all carefully marked on my laptop calendar marking every thing I have to do. I’ve never been one for to-do lists and as a consequence, have never manage to get things done :) or at least I haven’t been organised for the past 3 years, but it’s time to put the shoulder to the wheel so this blog post is here to remind me later about what I’d hoped.

I just realised that this whole thing reads like a New Year Resolution. It’s not. I don’t make New Year Resolutions on the first of January, that’s slightly short of a real new year for me.

10 thoughts on “College Starts Again

  1. Its so good to be organized. I keep to do lists, a spiral book scribbled all over with ideas and mind maps of most of my subjects and other stuff too. if you can add color into it the better. I use a couple of crayons and sketch pens. anyway, am sure marc will testify for me :D about my habits.

  2. Ha ha, wow, that’s another level altogether. There’s no way I’ll ever manage to do that. I suspect I’m doing it just because I think I can work on synchronising my phone and my laptop :) I’m probably going to spend more time on stuff like that than on actually doing any work. I hope not though.

  3. You bastards. Am so organised that it’s 1.30 AM now and I still haven’t completed project work due in 8 hours in college.

    George, being neat is different from being organised. And it wasn’t me or my mom. There’s just slightly less junk there than the rest of the place.

  4. @sindhu:yae sure

    @marc:At least you were awake till 1.30 Am and working on your project.I wasnt able to complete the project but guess what, i slept at 10 itself.Now tell!

  5. Gowtham, I was awake till 3.30 AM watching Stargate Atlantis. I worked on the project only for 10 minutes.

    Organising is too much work. I look at everything I’m supposed to go and I completely give up. Working just before the deadline is stressful, but hey, it’s engineering.

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