तारे जमीन पर

I saw Taare Zameen Par(तारे जमीन पर) today with the rest of my family. My mom’d booked the tickets and I didn’t want to go to be honest, but you know how it is — spend time with the family, that sort of thing. Man am I glad I went along because this has to be the best Hindi film I’ve seen. It was a film, not one of those entertainment shows that have all those silly song and dance routines involving people teleporting to fields of flowers and crap like that.

The Movie:

The acting was so natural, especially the little kid‘s, it was almost like watching little bits of life. Now that I think of it, every single thing about how the actors played their roles was natural and real, and you wouldn’t have noticed it all then. The soundtrack was beautiful, it fitted in perfectly with the atmosphere and kept the tension going through the intense bits and stuff like that. I’ve been told the cinematography in Indian films is really good, but this was some neat stuff and combined with the music it was super. It all came together really well.

Aamir Khan:

I’ve got to give it to the guy. I hated Mangal Pandey: The Rising, and I thought Rang De Basanti was contrived, but the job he’s done this time is wonderful. He chose a nice film to do and didn’t try hogging the limelight or anything letting Darsheel Safary do his thing. It’s also very cool that he chose to make a film on dyslexia and children who are a bit different, talking about how things we take for granted are hard for them. Frankly, I find these films far more interesting than the standard Indian stuff.

The Story:

It’s about a little boy who has dyslexia, and some really brilliant imagination. There’s shades of Calvin to his personality — the vivid imagination, the lack of interest in school work, the interest in exploring. Unfortunately for him his father is the demanding type and wants him to emulate his elder brother who ranks first in nearly everything and is a very good tennis player besides being a really nice elder brother. There’s this nice sequence in the beginning of the film which shows the contrast between Ishaan Awasthi and the rest of his family. As time goes by he plays truant from school, flunks his papers and is in line to being expelled. This is when his father decides that it’s time to take some severe action.

12 thoughts on “तारे जमीन पर

  1. It’s in Hindi, not some weird language and it’s pretty easy to understand because it isn’t pure Hindi, it’s colloquial Hindi, so it’s got lots of English mixed in. Most of the film can be understood with very little knowledge of Hindi.

    And besides, this is India, English won’t appeal to a wider audience. Hindi will.

  2. george is right, marc get over your.. more like come out of your comfort zone and try accepting whats out there. i havent watched the movie as yet, but i will tonight. now that am inspired too. :)

    ps: i like that the post title is in hindi!

  3. I agree with Marc. They should have subtitles. I want every subtleness in words and hints to be understood in a movie. Otherwise, it’s just doesn’t feel right.

  4. Indeed Sindhu, the wonders of UTF-8 :) Makes the address box look absurd though.

    Fair enough Arun, go with someone who knows Hindi. If they’re a good friend they won’t mind translating the hard bits for you.

  5. Sindhu, I don’t watch them for the same reason people who know Hindi don’t watch Chinese movies without subtitles.

    George, that’s not a very good reason to watch the movie. And despite what you fervently believe, more movie going people understand English than Hindi in India.

  6. Yeah Gowtham, it wasn’t formulaic, I liked that too. I don’t like the usual masala movies.

    Marc, you don’t understand even one iota of Hindi? Unbelievable. The fact that the Hindi is colloquial is not a reason to watch the movie. You watch the movie because it’s good. The fact that the Hindi-English combo is easy for even a non-Hindi speaker to understand is a bonus.

    I doubt that claim about more movie-going people understanding English than Hindi, sounds like what someone who thinks that the Sathyam and Inox theatres are the only cinema theatres in town would say.

  7. I meant in urban areas.

    Due to the stupid CBSE forcing me to study Hindi I know the script and can read and write and know a few words but since I find the language completely useless to me I’ve refused to spend any amount of time learning it.

  8. really a classic film amir produced …… like i was weeping when that song came “MAA” :) ..concept was awesum that every child is specical ..has his own quality … mmm lovely picturization direction … That kid worked really well … :)

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