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Alstom AGVI’ve loved trains ever since I was a kid. I remember running/cycling down to the station just to wave at the trains going by, and pestering my dad to take me to the engine. I did get in a steam engine once and even pulled the thing that makes it go toot, a very nice experience. So it gives me one hell of a thrill to hear about new trains, especially these beautiful high speed ones that make my 18km train journey to college seem like a walk to the refrigerator.

The Alstom AGV, 360 kilometres an hour, I could go from here to Delhi in a day! Right across the country! There’s something about a train journey that a flight can’t replicate, being able to walk around all the time, not have to worry about turbulence and leg room, lots of leg room. If they could get a train that was at least go at half the speed consistently would really make my day. Of course there’s the usual problem with people insisting on crossing the tracks when overbridges are clearly present. I can understand if they did it because they can’t climb the bridge but I can hardly imagine someone climbing the 3-4 foot high platform while being unable to climb the stairs to the bridge.

In other news, the chair I was sitting on broke while I was typing this.

24 thoughts on “Ooh Trains – Fast Ones

  1. I like train journeys myself. However there are times when train journeys can be hell. Especially if it’s morning trains without berths and if you are travelling alone. For instance my recent day train from Coimbatore to Madras was as bad as it could get. My copassengers played the “ladies” card on me and asked me to exchange my window seat for some other middle seat. To my either side I had giants and I was squeezed in. Other things that can make your train trip annoying

    1) Lack of leg room on morning trains
    2) Seat close to the loo. (Man I always get something like 2 or 70’s. Always the ruddy stinky close to the loo seats.)
    3) Annoying co-passengers who converse loudly and wont even ignore you.(Not even the good looking in your age group types.)
    4) A

  2. Ha ha Isha. Sathyanarain, in Bangalore there is this poultry store called Stella Maris – Hence, Stella Maris ‘chicks’.

    Marc: The station near my place wasn’t that far away. It was a couple of minutes by cycle and it was on a tree lined road in Goldenrock (where all the diesel engines are from :) ) A superbly beautiful place to live in.

    Adithya and Arun: Holy jesus! Poor Arun. I’m sure Ragha volunteered to fix his back too? :)

    Karthik: Fortunately the only times I’ve travelled alone, I’ve travelled in 2nd AC, so it’s okay. When I travel with a bunch of people we can easily handle any trouble that comes our way, and we usually get a bunch of seats to ourselves that are close together so we don’t have to deal with nutcases nearby.

    They won’t ignore you? Is that a bad thing or a good thing? Kids, man. There were these two crazy kids on my trip to Calcutta, the guy kept claiming that I was “not smart” and the girl kept stealing my god-damn pillow.

  3. Sathyanarain, your loss. I bet the chicks are nice :D

    “and we usually get a bunch of seats to ourselves that are close together so we don’t have to deal with nutcases nearby”
    You’ve gotta deal with yourselves first :)
    I remember Git’s one message when you folks went to Bangalore for the Picasso play; “These nuts have got stoned in the loo! Roshan’s gone all funny and Ranjitha’s stopped trying to make us practise. Now she’s asleep.”

    Man, I wish I’d have been around. Why do I miss all fun events?!

  4. Then there are those train journeys in which certain people fall asleep in the middle of conversations and refuse to move to middle berths…

  5. Thanks :) For some reason I’m all touchy about spelling my name right. I suspect it’s because often my name was spelt Arundati (how?!) and then some annoying juniors in school started calling me Dirty.

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