This one is for Marc and Suren: Do you remember The Neutronium Alchemist? I do. Crossroads of Twilight? I do. Pandora’s Star? I won’t forget that either. Thanks for all the help spoiling the story, it’s just what I needed. I’m always the goddamn second chicken.

Savage Chickens - Spoilers

Chicken: Is this “The Sixth Sense”? Have the robots killed the boy yet??
Other Chicken: Augh!

Tip: Spoiling movies is more fun if you make up new endings

Orkut – Send Scrap To All

You know, we wish each other on all sorts of occasions, sometimes we call up a friend after a long while just to wish them on the beginning of a New Year. We do all of this because we care, or that’s the idea anyway. But tell me something, does it still show that you care if you replace that phone call with an automated calling machine that just calls each number in your phone book and says, “Happy New Year, X, I wish you a prosperous new year, and hope that you’ll enjoy yourself.” Man, that would suck. How different is this?

Orkut - Send Scrap To All

Of course I have to admit, it’s better than nothing. At least you get some greetings instead of none from people who you’re not likely to meet. Incidentally, guys, you’re all engineers you know, you’re all taught how to program in a hundred different languages, I don’t get why you don’t edit those scripts so that they stop appending the advertisement at the bottom. I mean, it’s trivial.

Vaikom Basheer – Perch – Moonshine and Skytoffee

Moonshine and Skytoffee This Sunday, me and the family went for a play by Basheer performed by Perch at the Museum Theatre. Apparently my granddad used to tell my father Basheer’s stuff all the time, so the parents were rather enthusiastic about the whole thing. Pipe and Bikram were there too – gone out of their minds. Anyway, the show was actually pretty damn good, and remarkably low priced for such a nice job. The play itself is really nice, I wonder how much I’ve missed out from not reading Malayalam literature. That’s why it’s useful to know people like Samyuktha who’ll tell you about stuff like this and not reserve tickets when you ask for them :P

It was lots of fun and it had all sorts of memorable characters and the like, and though in the beginning it seemed a bit forced, after a while everyone just slipped into their parts and it went off really well. There were some nice bits where they came to the audience and played around with a few of the front seat people, having a little fun at their expense. Yep, it’s worth watching but unfortunately Sunday was their last show. You can, however, watch next week’s play Sangathi Arinhya: Same group, same time, same place. And yes, don’t worry, it’s in English.

Marc’s going to be on TV

Well, on air anyway, he’s going to be on BBC’s Have Your Say program. That’s pretty nice, they’re going to talk about the Tata 1 Lakh car, must’ve found him via his blog post on that particular subject. That’s awesome. Naturally, once you know this you want him to say something that you’ve thought of so you can call him and talk to him. If I wasn’t baked out of my mind, I’d say something extremely witty, but right now I can’t think of anything.

He’s on at 11, don’t miss the Z speak.

Playing Counterstrike Condition Zero over Hamachi through a router

Marc’s got his collegemates to join him for a nightly match of Counterstrike:Condition Zero by linking them all on a VPN using Hamachi. I joined them for a couple of days, it was quite a lot of fun, but after a while things got repetitive and I don’t feel like playing CS anymore, maybe another game, maybe Team Fortress Classic or Q3F, now that can be fun with a lot of people and there are more than 10 players now and then on the server. Or maybe we could all play an MMORPG. I don’t know, there’s not much to do stuck here at home. Them docs don’t even let me drive.

Getting Hamachi to work through a router:

Simple enough. First setting the Hamachi side:

  • Hit the gears icon to open the settings.
  • On the first screen there, you’ll see a ‘Detailed Configuration‘ button.
  • Hit that to get a screen which allows you to set which ports Hamachi uses.
  • Ask it to use a particular UDP port, say 13000. Then just save the settings.

Now to set up the router:

  • First go to the router’s setup page. Usually located at
  • Find your port forwarding page.
  • Set up a port-forwarding rule with the following settings:
    • Start Port: 13000
    • End Port: 13000
    • IP: Set this to your IP, my computer is so I set it to that
    • Check Enable
  • Now go disable your firewall. Don’t forget to enable it again once you’re done.

Now all you have to do is restart Hamachi and try connecting again.

After that, it’s best you follow Marc’s HowTo.


We also have a couple of stats programs running. Here’s how the StatsMe plugin looks like in-game:

And post-game, the PsychoStats program compiles the statistics into a MySql database to view at http://ampli5.org/stats

The Holidays have begun

They weren’t supposed to start until tomorrow, actually. But the kind government gave us all a holiday, so I could take today off. The holiday routine involves waking up past noon, and then wandering around in a sleepy daze before going to sleep at 4. I’ve gotten used to it.

Marc and I were supposed to go to the IOB branch at Besant Nagar for an account for him, but it got late and they turned him away. Poor fellow. In any case, he drove me to a place to get a microSD card for my phone and when we were done he burnt Counterstrike:Condition Zero on a disk for me. I haven’t gotten round to installing it, though I was supposed to join the game tonight. I wonder if they’ll give you a legit copy of CS:CZ if you have a half-life disk, I remember CS 1.5 being free, I started playing it around that time.

Incidentally, while I was waiting for the bus at the stop, I snapped this with my phone (I have no clue how I managed to make it take a photo at that resolution, I can’t make it do it again):

Hotel Runs