The Macbook Air


Macbook Air

I’m no Apple fan, but jesus, they make some beautiful stuff. Slightly less powerful than my current laptop and infinitely smaller for just 30,000 bucks more. I wouldn’t buy it even if I had the money and nothing to spend it on: stuff like this tends to break easy and I prefer rugged machines, but I can’t deny that it looks amazing. I wish I had 802.11n though.

In other news, I finally managed to move the old computer to the router and set it up as a headless server. It’s just sitting there, doing nothing at the moment but I plan on using it to download all my torrents and stuff. It’s got one non-working CD-ROM drive, so if you want to have a look at it you can. Also, keep away from Intex and Zebronics, they still fake ethernet cards claiming to be RTL8139D that are actually Silan Microsystems 92031. You can get them working properly with a little effort though. Such is life.

And Sun took over MySql? Interesting development.

And for the guy who came here searching for the driver for that NIC: Silan Microsystems Driver for Windows XP. You can also use it with ndiswrapper if you so wish. Have fun.

Pongal Holidays

Yay! I’ve got a whole week’s worth of holidays coming up, courtesy of it being Pongal for a few days. That’s one thing I love about India, there are always festivals for you to have holidays on. Of course, one thing I hate about India is the number of festivals involving a noisy bunch of people breaking melons on the roads and then proceeding to slip and crack their skulls on the same mashed melons a couple of days later. Like one of Pipe’s acquaintances said, “Why are they wasting vegetables?”

Anyway, what’s new is I’ll be posting much fewer ads after this last one because I can’t bear the sight of looking at the index page so full of that stuff. So another month and it’ll be clean all over again. It didn’t help that Google’s latest update sent my PageRank back down to 2 so I won’t get that many ads to post either. That’s a good thing, I suppose.

Mathrix ’08 went off surprisingly well

Anna University - CEG - In The Rain - With a funny cameraWell, I’m rather happy because we were playing against the Engineering crowd, people who actually study all that C stuff for a living and who have a lot more invested in the whole thing. It went off rather well, though they didn’t give us any cash prizes there were a couple of certificates.


The quiz wasn’t all Maths, there was some Maths history and some general bits and a rather interesting round with a concealed picture that was revealed bit by bit. There was some strong stuff though, and personally I think that bit was given just a bit too little time. One of our team’s questions, for example. I went and made a mistake working it out. I had 50 / 25 written out in one particular part and computed that to be 25. My arithmetic always sucked. Anyway, they scored you partly on the method and partly on the answer so I got half the points anyway. In any case it wasn’t that important because we finished rather near double the closest team :) which was a good feeling. It was nice winning, they gave us a certificate each and a copy of some book that looks like its for people preparing for job interviews. Ah well. Oh yeah, they also gave us a rather big shield, but we had to sign that we were going to give it back after a month :)

C Debugging:

Remember what I told you about triple pointers? Well, today those people set us some tasks that were decidedly not debugging. They were some good questions, that I’ll admit, but my lack of knowledge of the usual library functions came back to bite me in the ass, so I had like more unfinished programs — must learn to focus effort. ­I have to admit that those unfinished ones weren’t going anywhere. So I figured out this brilliant method to swap variables using the ^ operator and was rather proud of myself. It turns out, however, that that is one of those old tricks that everyone uses. I was born too late, that’s my problem. Anyway, I managed to place second so its a bit of a consolation. They gave me another book, this time about being a leader. It’s cool, but I don’t go in for that kind of stuff.

I’m happy, thanks Anna University.