Pongal Holidays

Yay! I’ve got a whole week’s worth of holidays coming up, courtesy of it being Pongal for a few days. That’s one thing I love about India, there are always festivals for you to have holidays on. Of course, one thing I hate about India is the number of festivals involving a noisy bunch of people breaking melons on the roads and then proceeding to slip and crack their skulls on the same mashed melons a couple of days later. Like one of Pipe’s acquaintances said, “Why are they wasting vegetables?”

Anyway, what’s new is I’ll be posting much fewer ads after this last one because I can’t bear the sight of looking at the index page so full of that stuff. So another month and it’ll be clean all over again. It didn’t help that Google’s latest update sent my PageRank back down to 2 so I won’t get that many ads to post either. That’s a good thing, I suppose.

29 thoughts on “Pongal Holidays

  1. I love Pongal. Pongal is great. Maybe because I’m not seeing all the wasting of veggies. And I have Nirula’s cookies. Wi-fi. Hot water.

    I’m in paradise.

  2. Ha ha Vinod, any respite is worth it, this’ll give me time to recover from my classes too.

    I feel like a spoilt kid, hot water, wi-fi and no veggies is a luxury? I never understood how bad you have it in the Hall.

    I don’t like pongal the food item, but Pongal the holiday is one of those things I can’t not appreciate. You’re still seeing the ads in the feed? They should not be shown. Weird, I’ll see what can be done.

  3. I’m doing a study on weed and madras college-goers. I just want to know a few things. All I need are facts. Your identity is of no consequence to this study. Will you answer a few questions I ask you?

  4. No more ads in a while..nice! :) Pongal holidays is good. No attendance is lost when we stay back home. The only problem I don’t get to stay back at home. Pongal.. I want sugarcane. Ok…bye!

  5. Especially you, dearest Amrita. You slog like a madman – madwoman – and all we first-years do is sit and watch you, the brilliant senior who we all fear so greatly. You need a holiday, you work far too much. A big break from the strains of MCC are HIGHLY IMPORTANT or you might actually have a nervous breakdown, poor chap.

    My respect is with you eternally.

  6. Do not fear. I will take a few days off to recuperate from all my travails. I’m glad you noticed, I was wondering if no one noticed me working my bones out while the rest of the world benefited from my near servitude to society.

    Also, AARGH! Not that! Don’t say that name!

  7. Marc is right. You don’t have college even a single day dude! It’s like going to some place to hang out with friends or with your staff. lol. May I know what are those everything for which MCC people work hard?

  8. I did not choose it! Well, okay, I did, sort of, but it wasn’t my fault. I had too much cake and juice. Sugar rush.

    Arun, don’t listen to her.

    Ha, if only MCC were like that, Vinod. I would be the happiest soul on Earth. But no, it isn’t. I have to go there before 8.30 or I won’t get attendance, and then I must spend 5 hours studying as hard as can be, with a short break during which I have to do homework and assignments. Then after college, the college tax collectors come around and take away our money. And then come the debt-collectors, and the local loan shark,…it’s a hard life.

  9. Yeah yeah. Some people use drugs as an excuse but you blaming it on sugar is just completely pathetic. Let’s just say you were high on the after-effects of the play, that gives it a psychological approach. Ha. I’m damn smart, ain’t I?

    You forgot to mention the workers in the cafe, taking away all our money for paltry lime juice. And Maggi-noodles. And beef biryani. *sigh* Life’s tough.

  10. Yeah, that’s pretty damn cool, make me look like one of those fellows in the movies who provide comic relief. I needed that.

    Indeed, the daily lime juice fee, and the canteen prices, and sloppy watery noodles and that tomato soup.

  11. George, you’re forgetting that we know how MCC is really like. No one is falling for your fantasies of a difficult college life. Us engineering students know all about it.

  12. I’m warning you, you pretend that we don’t have any problems. Remember:

    First they came for the Arts students, and I said nothing because I was not an Arts student
    Then they came for the Science students, and I said nothing because I was not a Science student
    Als sie mich holten, gab es keinen mehr, der protestieren konnte

    Heed my warning, if you don’t support us now, there’ll be no one for you when the time comes.

  13. It so is. And he wouldn’t mind, he was a nice old pacifist and those people are chill. Besides, he can consider it punishment for all the support he gave that big bad toothbrush moustache dude.

  14. He most certainly was. Thought AH was a safer bet than the godless Communists and Socialists at first (that’s why the first version of the poem mentions them). Then AH made problems for the church.

    Still, he did reform, so I admit that counts for something. Still, it is not my place to judge.

  15. Niemöller certainly had the ideology, which more or less existed in the mindset of the Germans before, but he was never really a supporter of AH.

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