Cowards with guns

So this kid was shot by his classmates in Delhi. That’s funny, I can’t recall the last time anyone used a gun on someone else in India, let alone in a school. The only people who use guns are the cops and the naxalites, even the local goons prefer an aruval or whatever, and lopping people’s body parts off is the preferred way. I can just imagine the chaos if getting guns was easier. But parents, parents, what are you thinking? If your 14-year old kid can get your gun it’s just as likely that the criminal entering your house can find it and use it. That safety that you long for, you’ve gone and lost it because you have no brains. Let the cops do what is their’s to do.

Now, the kids, they’re stupid really. They have no brains. Listen, when I was in St. Campion’s we used to get caned and I’ve heard rumours of people being benched. But listen, we never went around looking for weapons to dish it out, and we never went around throwing rocks at each other even though there were rocks all over the place. We handled it the old fashioned kid way, we fought it out in the dust. When you’re ten years old there’s not much difference between a friend and you and so the fight could go either way. Heck, trial by combat was the way to settle disputes. We didn’t go get a stick or anything, kids these days, soft mostly and lumpy in the head.

Then I moved to St. Michael’s where the preferred weapon was cutting sarcasm. I remember losing quite a few such battles, such wit not being my strength. Unfortunately, by the time you’re 14, some of you are obviously lanky and some of you are obviously strong so fighting wouldn’t have solved anything. I swear the last thing on my mind was finding a weapon to finish these guys off even then. I’ve often wanted a handgun afterward, but only because they look so cool in the movies. If anyone would make me a realistic toy that would only create appropriate muzzle flashes, I would be the happiest guy in the world. But I wouldn’t shoot anyone, that’s uncool, and a victory not worth it because you can’t even brag. I mean, imagine: “Dude, I shot that guy like through the ribs” – “Wow, awesome, too fast for him to draw, eh?” – “Well, no, he wasn’t armed, and it was in the back, you see.” And the only purpose of winning a classroom fight is to brag, it’s an extension of the 5 year old playground fight. Lots of people continue in this vein and end up having cubicle fights where the weapon of choice is the memo and the victor gets a raise by misappropriating the loser’s work.

But two fellows attacking one? That would’ve made you the object of scorn back when I was still in the 4th standard. And using a weapon? That would make you a pariah. Kids these days.

EDIT: You know what? I need a good night’s sleep.

3 thoughts on “Cowards with guns

  1. There is no apostrophe after R for ‘theirs’.

    I too was wondering where the hell people find guns in India, let alone kids.

    Wait, that could be taken in two ways. Anyway, I have one word for you:


    Go to sleep then.

  2. It’s the lack of counsellings in schools in India. If there’s an enmity between two kids and the teachers come to know about it they should discuss it openly. Hire a child psychiatrist. Times are changing.

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