Nothing ventured, nothing gained

You know, we take risks every day, we trust that the auto driver won’t cut in front of the bus too fine, that the EMU wire won’t get cut and short through the train, or that a branch would fall down on our brain in such a way as to disable it and yet all these things happen. We gamble away things that are so important, our lives, and yet we’re thrifty with our money. Or rather, we think we’re thrifty with our money.

Some people splurge on fancy clothes and jewellery, and think that’s not a gamble. Heck, it is, you’re hoping for attention, aren’t you? When we were kids, we used to have bets on all sorts of things, on whether or not a band would play or whether a particular model of bike would ever be released here or any of a hundred things. But the perennial favourite was sports betting, nothing like gambling on whether or not a certain score would be reached, instant results, almost. Then I read all those tricks in all those books and moved on to try some of the best online casinos and let me tell you, even if you don’t win you’ve paid for the thrill and boy is it worth it. And anyway, if you use money earned on the internet, you can only win more. Interestingly, most of the 20 best online casinos are US based, and that’s pretty cool because the only problem the US has is with non US casinos. That’s strange really, and looks like protectionism but I’ll let that pass because it’s so much fun.

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